“Until nobody on earth dies from dirty water…”

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With the support of people like you, we’ve funded 20,062 water projects in 24 countries so far. Here’s what you should know.

100% goes to the field

When you fundraise or donate, every dollar goes directly to clean water projects. Private donors fund our operating costs, so 100% of your money can go to the field.Learn more

We prove every project

We work with local partners to build water projects around the world. And every time we complete one, we prove it using photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps.Learn more

Clean Water Changes Absolutely Everything

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school.

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Sponsor an Entire Water Project

For $10,000 or more you can fully fund a water project for a community or a school. 100% funds clean water projects.

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