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White leaves 8951c90780415c3591ef4a203e48a4bcd6ed034dd7ff262844e8d541d01c907b663 million people live without clean water. This holiday season, honor the people you care about with a donation that will bring clean water to families in need. I’m giving in honor of...

As we gather around our tables this holiday season, let’s celebrate the people in our lives. Honor them and bring clean water to someone in need. Here’s how it works…


Think about your table.

Your loved ones. Your coworkers. Your best friends from college. Make a mental list of the biggest helpers, listeners, and advice-givers in your life.

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Make your loved ones feel like heroes.

Honor the people you’re most thankful for with a donation to charity: water. No matter how much you give, your community is going to help change the world.

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Bring clean water to tables in need.

When you give to charity: water, 100% of your gift funds water projects. A small group of private donors pay our operating costs, so every penny of your donation brings clean water to people in need.

And every person at your table helps change lives.

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Scott gave in honor of Michael & Xochi and brought clean water to 5 people.

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Tyler gave in honor of Dale and Phyllis and brought clean water to 1 person.

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Kaitlyn gave in honor of her work family and brought clean water to 3 people.

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Alessandra gave in honor of her soccer team and brought clean water to 2 people.

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Give your table a story.

Everything you need to celebrate clean water at your table: from a customizable menu to place cards for your guests.

Get Your Table Kit
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It’s not about the table; it’s about the people we invite to sit, dream, laugh, eat, or share at the table with us.
Who’s at your table?